The TINTING SYSTEM has been developed to collect product with high precision, which could be contained inside small or grater tanks (depending on production requirements). The product is dosed on a high-resolution weighing platform through multi-speed nozzles (even drop-drop is possible).  The operator could recall a recipe to perform, collect the single component, visualize the production report and view the occurred alarms through the touch-screen panel. All the system’s components was designed to the use in chemical and petro-chemical field.


  • The dosage can be by fall or by membrane pump.
  • Product recirculation management up to the dosage nozzle.
  • Designed to maximize dosing accuracy.
  • Weighing platform from 60Kg up to 3000Kg.
  • The system consists of specific pipes for optimal product flow.
    Suitable for high viscosities product.
  • Also made in  ATEX version.


  • Designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Automatic control via touch-screen 10,1” operator panel.
  • Interfacing with your factory management (option).