250% Hyper-depreciation

An extremely interesting opportunity:
Do you think you can benefit from it?

The 2017 Budget Law
(Law n. 232 of 11.12.2016, published in the Italian Official Journal n. 297/2016)
sets forth specific measures to relaunch the economy and to boost corporate investments.

The most interesting provision is the prolongation and extension of the superdepreciation of investment on advanced technologies, tangible assets and high-technology ones purchased in 2017 and also in part of 2018. The provision introduces a total tax depreciation of 250% (or “hyper depreciation”) in addition to the super depreciation allowance of 140% introduced in 2016 and extended to 2017. It consists of a total tax depreciation of up to 250% of the cost for investments in new assets acquired for the technological transformation of enterprises, under an initiative known as the “Industry 4.0” plan that relates to plant, equipment and machinery whose operations are digitally controlled and/or operated by smart sensors and drives interconnected with a factory’s computer systems and aimed at increasing ergonomics and safety in the workplace. Bureaucratic and accounting aspects are considerably simplified, provided that the assets or goods comply with ALL the criteria set forth in the law and its annexes.

Depreciation shall apply to:

• Tangible Assets

• New Assets

• Assets acquired for the technological transformation of enterprises

• Assets interconnected to the company’s production management system or supply network.

It is not easy to identify which assets exactly qualify for the 250% tax bonus, therefore a thorough technical examination is needed and advisable.

Logic srl has been working in the field of industrial engineering and automation since 1981 and has thus acquired a deep knowledge in the field of “Industry 4.0”. As a consequence, it can support your Company in finding and using the best possible technology that qualifies under this provision. This will put you in the position of benefiting for sure from the 250% hyper depreciation of your investment.